August 29, 2021

Ed Comitz to Present Seminar on Disability Insurance at the Western Regional Dental Convention, April 3 and 4, 2014

By Comitz Stanley

At this year’s Western Regional Dental Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, Ed Comitz will be presenting a seminar entitled “Disability Insurance: Will It Be There When You Need It?”

The course will discuss why it is so difficult for dentists to have their claims accepted and how to avoid the most common mistakes. The course will also cover key provisions in disability insurance policies and their interpretation; precisely how insurance claims are investigated and administered; common unfair claims practices; and the regulatory overhaul of the nation`s largest carrier following investigative segments on 60 Minutes and Dateline.

Ed is presenting the course twice, on both Friday and Saturday.  Participants will receive 3 CE credits.  For more information, visit the WRDC’s website.